Client Update – September 2022

COVID-19 Traffic light system removed and Commemoration Day

From Tuesday 13 September, the COVID-19 Protection Framework (traffic light system) has been removed.

However, the removal of the traffic light system is not a full return to the pre COVID-19 days.  There are some elements of protection that remain which are:

  • Masks are still required in all healthcare settings and aged care.
  • The 7 day isolation period now applies only to individuals who are sick with COVID-19. Their household contacts only need to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) each day for 5 days, before going about their usual activities.

While the requirement for individuals who are sick with Covid-19 to isolate remains, the Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme is still available for employers.

All other businesses and places can put in place their own requirements regarding wearing masks.

There is now no requirement for incoming travellers to New Zealand to be vaccinated.  That applies to both tourists and air crew members.  All travellers are still encouraged to do a RAT on day 0/1 and day 5/6 of their arrival into New Zealand, but this will not be enforced.

All government vaccination mandates end on Monday 26 September (also the date of the one-off public holiday to commemorate Queen Elizabeth II).  However, employers, marae and those who facilitate special events can still maintain their own vaccination policies.

Commemoration Day for Queen Elizabeth II

The Government has also announced that Monday 26 September will be a one-off national public holiday to commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  This decision is in line with similar holidays that have been declared in the UK and Australia.  Urgent legislation will be passed by Parliament next week to confirm this one-off public holiday.

Notwithstanding that Monday 26 September will be a one-off public holiday, it will be treated as a standard public holiday thereby meaning the usual requirements for public holidays apply for employees.

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